Jack "Webflail" Redley comes on to teach us how to podcast.

In this cheeky instalment of The Visual Div podcast, our host and guest natter away about the joys and perils of working with the fam. It's a bit of a giggle as they dish the dirt on roping in siblings as cheap labour and the odd surprise invoice from Brother Will. They chat through the tricks of keeping shop talk at the shop and not at the dinner table, and share a few war stories about keeping their professional cool when all they really want to do is nick the last roast potato.

Fast forward to today, and they’re chinwagging about juggling content creation, branding shenanigans, and SEO wizardry—all the while trying to keep their heads above water. Content is king, they reckon, a real crown jewel that keeps on giving, helping to build a rep as the big kahuna of the digital seas.

Then there’s our main man, spilling the beans on his nifty tactic of turning his crew into tell-all reporters of their daily grind. This isn’t just navel-gazing; it’s about cracking open the doors of the business, letting a bit of fresh air in, and building trust with the punters out there. And, let’s not forget the real tea—they’re planning events that are not your usual snooze-fest conferences but proper bashes where you actually learn something amidst the mingling.

They wrap up by tipping their hats to the potential of networking at swanky do’s like Webflow Conf, spinning yarns of the golden opportunities that come from a bit of schmoozing. As they sign off, there’s a cheeky promise of an epic Webflow meet-up brewing, likely to be the talk of the town. Cheers for tuning in and catching all the gems they’ve dropped!
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Jack "Webflail" Redley comes on to teach us how to podcast.
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